Saturday, July 10, 2004

An everyday tale...

Take pity on Mr J B Bloxham, who writes in The Daily Telegraph today in his capacity as Chairman of the Trull Parish Party in the Park Committee.

Attempting to perform this admirable civic function, he like others before him has fallen foul of the health 'n' safety culture.

His insurers would not cover "It's a knockabout", archery, tug of war, bouncy castle of "any dangerous activity".

"Eventually we were able to secure liability cover for £5 million, plus a small amount of equipment cover, at a cost of £325, excluding fireworks.

"The barn dance required the grant of a public entertainment license (£145) plus a statutory notice in the local paper (£45) and a certificate from a suitably qualified electrician (£90). So before we had raised a penny on the day we had some £605 to find.

"There were times when I questioned whether it was worth the cost, the hassle and the possibility that I might be putting my personal assets at risk."

Rather forlornly, he concludes, "I hope there will be no further legislation making inroads into the fabric of rural community life".

Dream on, Mr Bloxham. Dream on.


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