Thursday, July 08, 2004

Welcome to Cell Blog H

This is the prison to which we would like to send all the "mad officials", so that they can no longer plague our lives. In particular, we have in mind:

The officials that are always absolutely right all the time, so much so that if you disagree with them, it only proves one thing - that you are wrong.

The officials that can make the biggest cock-ups in history and then expect to get promoted.

The officials to whom money is no object - as long as it is yours; and who regard it as your duty to pay them what they demand or go to prison.

The officials who never feel they have to say they're sorry, no matter how much they've screwed up someone's life, or how much damage they've done.

This is the prison which we will be visiting from time to time - but not for too long. Sanity is a precious thing.



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